The acquisition of data in astronomy with a scientific quality is now within reach of many amateur astronomers. The amateur community is producing today more and more data scientifically exploitable. On the other hand, many domain of astrophysics could not be studied without the support from a large community of amateur astronomers. The goal of this school is to bring together amateurs and profesionnals in astronomy in order to:

  1. Strengthen or start new collaboration ;
  2. Form new amateurs to obtain science-grade data.

Following the school of Oléron 2003, La Rochelle 2006, 2009, and 2012, organised by the CNRS and the AUDE association, this new edition will be joined with the Technical week-end of astronomy in Lyon (WETAL).

The ProAm-WETAL 2015 will be held in Giron (Ain, France) from 11 to 15 Novembre 2015.

 The thematics that will be presented during this school might include the following subjects (non-exhaustive list):

  • Stellar physics:
    • Variable stars
    • Novae
    • Binary stars
  • Planetology:
    • Small bodies from the solar system (asteroids, comets, meteorits, ...)
    • Giant planets and their moons
    • Exoplanets
  • Organisation of collaborating network:
    • Database
    • Online tools / reference books
    • Publication and valorisation of data
  • New technics and instrumentation in astronomy:
    • Near-infrared observations
    • Spectropolarimetry
    • High-stability spectroscopie / radial velocity

In parallel will be organised three practical workshops for those who want to initiate or strengthen their skills in the following technics (if enough participants):

  • Spectroscopy
  • Photometry
  • Astrometry (to be confirmed)

Those practical workshop will describe all the requirements to collect sciende-grade data, from the preparation of the observations, to the reduction and analysis of the data.

The default language of the school is french. English speakers are more than welcome to join the school and contribute.

Key dates

  • Early registrations : 1 May - 14 July
  • Late registrations: 1 July - 30 September
  • Abstract deadline: 31 August
  • Grant deadline: 31 August
  • School Pro/Am WETAL 2015: 11 - 15 November

Organising committee

  • S. Bouley
  • C. Buil
  • F. Colas (co-chair)
  • V. Desnoux
  • P. Farissier
  • O. Garde
  • A. Klotz
  • R. Montaigut
  • A. Santerne (co-chair)
  • O. Thizy

Contact: or alexandre dot santerne at astro dot up dot pt

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