The Pro/Am-WETAL 2015 will be held at the Chalet de la Fauconière (Ain, France). The accomodation will be provided in the same place in single, double or multiple (up to 7) rooms.

The registration fees are the following (untill July 14 - per person):

  • Full Pro/Am-WETAL (from Wednesday noon to Sunday noon included):
    • single room: 350 €
    • double room: 300 €
    • multiple room: 250 €
  • Half Pro/Am-WETAL (from Friday noon to Sunday noon, included):
    • single room: 200 €
    • double room: 175 €
    • multiple room: 150 €

Note [29 June]: all the single room are already booked. It is now only possible to register in a double (2 persons) or multiple (about 3 or 4 persons) rooms.

Note [27 August]: all the double room are already booked. It is now only possible to register in a multiple (about 3 or 4 persons) room.

For a late registration (after July 15) those prices are increased by 25€ in total.

Those prices include the accomodation, the full board (lunch, diner, night, breakfast - except alcoholic beverages), and the access to the school from wednesday to sunday or from friday to sunday. For non-participating accompagning persons, the prices are similar minus 10€

The access to the school, the accomodation and the full board are indivisible. No cancellation after 30 September 2015 will be refunded.

During registration, please specify the names to whom you want to share the room (if known). For special meal (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc...), please notify it during the registration.

The registration to the workshop does not increase the price of the registration fees.

Paiments will be possible by bank transfert only. The bank account will be send, together with a confirmation of the price, by email after registration.

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